Clark's Bears

Running of the Bears 5K race on June 30, 2019

Running of the Bears 5K race

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LOCATION: Clark's Bears, 110 Daniel Webster Highway, Lincoln, NH 03251.

REGISTRATION: Online registration is $30 per person ages 4 and above. Online registration will be open until June 28 at noon and includes:

Race day registration is $35 per person and also includes a ticket to Clark's and a Running of the Bears tee shirt while supplies last.

DETAILS: The race will begin at 8:00am and will take place rain or shine. This is a BYOB race. Bring your own BEAR!! Each runner/walker needs to run with a teddy bear to qualify. Just in case you forget, teddy bears will be on sale the morning of the race.

PARKING: Please use the north end of the Main Parking lot near the water tower for plenty of free parking.

RESTROOMS: Before the race, please use the Anaconda Escape Restrooms located under the large green water slide. After the race, you may use the gift shop restrooms without redeeming your ticket. If you redeem your ticket on race day, additional restrooms are available inside the park.

CHECK-IN: Begins at 7:00am in the West Side parking lot across the street from Clark's. You will pick up your bib, tee shirt and complimentary ticket there.

START & FINISH LINE: The start/finish line is located in the West Side parking lot. The Wolfman will fire the starting shotgun blast for the race to begin.

The route will be:

There will be guides and a water spot along the way. For those of you who joined us last year, this is the same route in the opposite direction.

Race Route

AWARDS: Awards will be given out in several age brackets for both male and female runners at 9:30am in the West Side parking lot. There will be trophies for the top three male and top three female runners. There will be awards for the top male and top female runner in each age bracket:
Ages 9 and under
Ages 10-14
Ages 15-19
Ages 20-29
Ages 30-39
Ages 40-49
Ages 50-59
Ages 60-69
Ages 70+
There will also be a variety of fun awards such as, running with the biggest bear, best bear costume, youngest participant, oldest participant and more.

BENEFIT: All proceeds will be donated to the Linwood Ambulance Service, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. They are a group of dedicated volunteers who provide emergency medical services at the basic and advanced life support levels to the communities of Lincoln and Woodstock, New Hampshire. The Linwood Ambulance Service is grateful for your support!

MORE INFORMATION: For more information about the race contact Anne Englert at 603-745-8913 Ext. 19.

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We can BEARLY wait to see you!