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Girl Scout Outing at Clark's Bears

Girl Scouts

June 2 or June 15, 2019

Clark's Bears and the White Mt. Central RR in Lincoln, NH are proud to host our annual Girl Scout Outing. Join Girl Scouts of all ages for a day of discovery and fun! In addition to the rides and shows that Clark's has to offer, the girls will enjoy interesting presentations for age appropriate pathways. A Women in Railroading display will be available all day to the Girl Scouts to learn about the contributions, accomplishments and efforts of women in railroading over the past 100 years. Girl Scouts will receive discounts throughout the park when dressed in uniform. There are Clark's Bears Scouting patches for sale to remember your day. All presentations will begin at the Scouting Tent and will have a limited amount of seating, so register early to reserve your spot.

To register your troop for the Girl Scout presentations at Clark's Bears:
Visit OR email for all the details.


Members from the US Forest Service will be teaming up to bring Girl Scouts information at three learning stations. The Forest Service members will have specialist to present three 25-minute segments on Geology, Bear Awareness and Leave No Trace (which includes Hike Safe and Tree Identification). The presentations will end with a ceremony where each Girl Scout will receive a pin from the US Forest Service.

Forest Rangers with Girl Scouts during the Junior Ranger Program

BROWNIES - BEARS AROUND THE WORLD 11:00-11:45: This presentation by Chez Hill will cover six different types of bears that exist all over the world, from New Hampshire's native Black Bears to the Sloth Bear of India! The Brownies will learn about the location, habitat and diet of each bear. They will also cover their conservation statuses and what makes each type of bear so special. There will be hands on artifacts for the girls to touch and learn from. After the presentation, we suggest the Brownies watch the 30-minute black bear performance at 12:00.

Chez Hill - Bears around the world presentation
Lauren Farina and Chez Hill are teaching Girl Scouts about bears from around the world. They explain about the similarities and differences.

DAISIES - THE BEAR FACTS 1:00-1:30: Presented by Murray Clark, bear trainer and bear keeper. This presentation highlights black bears and their life cycle. Murray will cover information on both our bears and those in the wild. He will discuss age, diet, habitat and birth of the black bears. There will be hands on artifacts for the girls to touch and learn from. Discussions will cover how you can prevent bear problems in residential, agricultural or camping situations. We highly suggest the Daisy's attend the 12:00 Bear Show prior to attending the Girl Scout presentation.

Girl Scout Outing at Clark's
TOP LEFT: A close look at some of the food the Clark's bears eat
TOP RIGHT: How many Daisies does it take to weigh more than a full grown black bear? See for yourself at the Girl Scout Outing at Clark's!
BOTTOM: My what big teeth you have! Daisies learn the bear facts from Murray Clark and Lauren Farina

Special discounts around the park for Girl Scouts in uniform.

What a bear would eat for lunch
This Brownie displays what a bear would eat for lunch at Clark's

To register your troop for the Girl Scout presentations at Clark's Bears:
email for all the details.

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