Clark's Bears Summer 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept travelers checks but no personal checks. We still accept cash. There is an ATM located on property.

We only allow service animals inside the grounds. We recommend a doggie daycare located about one mile from the Trading Post called, One Dog Day 603-348-7999. You should call ahead and make reservations.

Your well behaved service dog is welcome to visit Clark's Bears and the White Mountain Central Railroad but we do request you follow a few guidelines for the safety and comfort of our other guests, the Bears and Bear Show personnel and of course, your faithful companion.

  1. Please keep your companion leashed and under close control at all times
  2. Please pick up should your companion have to "go" while on the grounds - doggie bags are available for your convenience at the main entrance.
  3. Due to our bears' acute sense of smell it is imperative that your companion is not permitted within 75 feet of the performance ring at ANY TIME. This is for the safety of the Bear Trainers as the Bears do become agitated and can be unpredictable when they sense the proximity of your companion, even though he or she is quiet and well behaved.
  4. Should your companion wish to join you on a train ride they are welcome to do so but we do recommend that you ride on one of the forward coaches furthest from the locomotive. This is due to the very loud and shrill whistle of the locomotive which can be very frightening to your companion.
  5. Water is available at the main entrance to the grounds, at a standpipe between the picnic pavilion and the photo parlor and at the water tower near to the Blaster Boat pond. Dishes are provided.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope that you and your companion enjoy your visit!

Mondays and Fridays are generally the slowest days of the week. Also there are fewer visitors in the Spring and Fall (other than the holiday weekends.) Rainy days are also a great day to visit because all rides and shows operate with the exception of the Climbing Tower.

If you visit you will be able to find many details about all the locomotives and other rolling stock.

  • At Clark's Bears we offer a discount to guests who purchase their tickets in advance for a specific date. Tickets MUST be purchased before midnight the day prior to arrival for this discount. Regular priced tickets will be available at the ticket window.
  • GENERAL ADMISSION: Tickets for guests ages 4-64 are $29 in advance and $33 the day of arrival.
  • SENIOR RATE: Tickets for guests ages 65 or older are $26 in advance and $30 the day of arrival. Please ask for the senior discount when purchasing your tickets in person.
  • MILITARY RATE: Tickets for US active, retired, and veteran personnel with spouse and dependent children are $26 in advance and $30 the day of arrival with valid ID.
  • For a special needs discount please call 603-745-8913 Ext. 1
  • A Light Rain: Rides and shows proceed as usual.
  • A Heavy Rain: Some rides (Climbing Tower and Segway Park) close until the rain lets up.
  • Thunder/Lightening: Rides at Blaster Boats, Climbing Tower, and Segway park are suspended for 10 minutes after last lightening bolt.
  • Extreme Weather: If Bear or Circus shows are cancelled, rain checks will be offered. No refund on admissions.

Our bear & circus shows are coordinated with the train rides. The shows will not start until the train gets back and the train will not leave until the show lets out.

Yes. The bears are given peanuts in the shell as a treat, the Whistle Stop Snack Bar offers pre-packaged peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables® and the gift shop makes homemade peanut butter fudge. Food choices can change throughout the year at any location. For highly allergic guests you may want to check with the food services that day. Each food service location at Clark's has an ingredients list for each item served for your convenience. Always alert your server to allergies before placing your order.

Yes. We have dozens of strollers for your use at no charge. Our only request is that you do not bring them into the parking lot or Main Gift Shop. We have several wheelchairs for guests to use if needed. They are on a first come, first served basis.

We have an on-call first aid room located between the Riverbank Restrooms and the picnic pavilion. Should you require first aid assistance, please contact any staff member. There is an AED located in the Railroad Station.

We allow cigarette smoking in designated smoking areas only.

Yes we do! You will find recycling containers all around the grounds for glass and plastic bottles.

Thank you for visiting Clark's! Listed are some guidelines and suggestions to assist guests with mobility disabilities during their visit. Most of the park has paved walkways for easy access throughout the grounds. Please contact any employee should you need assistance during your stay.


There are four designated wheelchair spots for the Bear and Circus shows. They are located on the ground level on the North side of the performance ring. For best availability you should plan to arrive to the shows at least 20 minutes early.


A wheelchair lift is available on the excursion car closest to the locomotive. It is only accessible from the Railroad Station side of the train. We recommend you arrive 10 minutes early for boarding. Please let the conductor or ticket agent know when you are ready.


Merlin's Mystical Mansion has several steps to enter. The Water Blaster Boats requires the guest to step into a boat to ride. However, there is an interactive dock where guests in a wheelchair can get close to the people riding in the boats and squirt them with water cannons. Wolfie's Segway Park requires the guest to stand and balance on the Segway to ride. The Old Man of the Mountain Climbing Tower requires the guest to use their arms and legs to climb a 30-foot climbing wall. The Anaconda Escape Raft Slide requires you to climb to the top of a 40-foot tower, step into a raft and ride the water slide to the bottom.


The Americana Building, Pemigewasset Fire Station, Clark History Museum and Avery's Garage have convenient wheelchair access. The Florence Murray Museum has two steps up to enter and three steps down to exit.


The Main Gift Shop is only wheelchair accessible through the front doors from the parking lot. Guests must exit the park through the Railroad Station and go down the sidewalk to enter the Main Trading Post Gift Shop. The Main Street Candle Shop has easy access through the double door front entrance. You Name it Emporium has easy access through the double door front entrance.


The Tuttle's Shootin' Gallery provides an ADA shooting station for your convenience located on the far left side of the shooting gallery. At the Face Painting Wagon you can go directly to the face painters. The River City Mining Sluice requires you to stand to be at the correct height to pan for gemstones.


The Whistle Stop Snack Bar and the Popcorn Wagon have convenient wheelchair access. Pullman's Lunch has convenient access but has narrow aisles inside the building. The Peppermint Saloon Saloon has a ramp from the American Museum into the Peppermint Saloon as well as a ramp from the patio entrance. There is one step up if you use the front entrance. The Picnic Pavilion is a large covered seating area with convenient wheelchair access.


There are two ADA compliant companion assisted restrooms available at the River Bank Restroom facility. Should you need an area for personal care, please ask an employee to contact first aid. There is an ADA compliant restroom inside the main gift shop. You must enter from the parking lot then, turn right and go into the second room. Please ask the clerk for a key. The Anaconda Escape restrooms have an ADA compliant stall in both the ladies and mens restrooms.


The only wheelchair exit and best exit for guests with mobility disabilities is through the Railroad Station. Please note the Railroad Station closes one hour prior to the park closing, at that time the exit will be next to the Whistle Stop Snack Bar.

We allow our guests to bring coolers with food into Clark's Bears. We have a lovely picnic pavilion next to our little Main Street, overlooking the river. We ask that there be no alcohol or grills on our grounds. We also have a carry in/carry out picnic area with 20 picnic tables across the street from the park next to the large glacial boulder. You may park your car right next to this picnic area to avoid carrying your food in and out of the park. You may choose the option that works best for you.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at or call us direct at (603) 745-8913 Ext. 1.

We hope you enjoy your day!