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September 2021 Scouts BSA Merit Badge Fair

Citizenship in the World

Counselor Young has been affiliated with Scouts BSA for 45 years, as a Scout and as an adult leader. He started in Cub Scouts, and achieved all of the advancement through Arrow of Light. After Webelos, he became a member of BSA, and advanced to become an Eagle Scout. During his time in Scouts, he was also a member of Order of the Arrow. Years later, he returned to Scouting as a Den Leader, a Troop Committee Member, and a volunteer on the Sunapee North District Committee.

Mr. Young prides himself in educating others about citizenship and volunteerism. He has specialized in the area of recruitment. Mr. Young frequently outlines how, in comparison with other programs, Scouting especially strengthens families and communities.

Citizenship in the World will be a lively Merit Badge presentation, where the Scouts will engage in conversation with Counselor Young. Scouts will be discussing their prerequisite requirements during the class to share knowledge about these subjects. This presentation will fulfill Scouts BSA requirements 3a, 5 and 7c and 7e for the Citizenship in the World merit badge. Please complete requirements 1, 2, 3b, 4c, 6a, 6b and 6c as prerequisites so the merit badge counselor can sign off on your blue card6/1/2021. You are strongly encouraged to bring a copy of the Merit Badge pamphlet "Citizenship in the world" [392 KB pdf file: right-click to download]. Each participant should be prepared to select a country, do research, and discuss in class for requirement 3b. Each participant should also be prepared to select an international organization, do research, and discuss in class for requirement 4c.

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