Clark's Bears Summer 2024

Scouts BSA Merit Badge Fair

June 1, 2024 10:30-12:00

steam dome on the 1906 Baldwin locomotive
Bob Henderson points out the steam dome on the 1906 Baldwin locomotive to the Scouts BSAs

Presented by Bob Henderson, railroad enthusiast and locomotive engineer for over 35 years. You will learn about railroad safety, signs and signals. During a walking tour discover the history of our railroad equipment including locomotives (both running and on display), a unique railbus and an authentic railroad covered bridge. The session will conclude with a ride on the White Mountain Central Railroad. Scouts can be joined by family members for the train ride.

This presentation will fulfill requirements 1, 3, 6 & 7b for the BSA Railroading badge. The Scout must complete requirements 2, 4, & 5 prior to arrival to complete this badge at Clark's. The merit badge counselor will sign off on all completed work. Scouts blue card will be returned to them later in the day. The best way to complete this course is by using the Railroading Workbook [730 KB pdf] for this merit badge.


Download the Railroading workbook [730 KB pdf]

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